Thursday, 9 May 2013

Untitled Story- Time-Lapse

One of the shots had in mind was to do a timelapse to show the character lost and the passage of time. One of the ideas was the end scene to be night scene. So We had to show a timelapse to show the day going and transition to night scene. 
In the end did't end up using the night scene and thought it might be usefull too in the story to show character spending whole day looking for someone or walking throughout the day.

For the time passing you see the trees and the character moving really fast and I only wanted to show the clouds moving not the rest. So I ended up masking the clouds in the reflection only so everything else will be still. I duplicated the footage and then masked the top footage the reflection part only. The footage below I chose a frame I wanted and the freeze framed that shot so it stays same while the clouds move only.

I had to also feather a little the the mask to blend with the footage below so the masked footage does not look cut out and hard edges.


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