Friday, 10 May 2013

Untitled Story- Refined Colour Correction

When i finished rendering my final video with colour correction. I double checked make sure nothing missing. Then wheb i got home and viewed it again over the big screen tv i noticed the whole video became darker. I was surprised to see this as i checked and knew before i left university where i was doing my rendering, it looked fine. 
I decided that next day i will improve on the colour correction and brightness to fix this problem. 

So the picture above shows the refined version before and after. ( left to right) i noticed by increasing the reds a litte on the curves effect and reduce the blue brightens the picture a little and add a nice touch of warm colour. but still not loose the cold blue/greenish tone look.  

When i increase the brightness it reduces the quality of the video and the darker shadowy parts become grainy, it becomes less constrast and looks washed out. so i did not end up using brightness and constract effect.

For the part where the character feels dizzy and flashbacks are about to start, i did a test of distorting the video to show how he feels and sees, using a first person angle. 

When i re did the scene again i wanted to  do the same effect but use the first person shot minimal and to only show the starting point of him feeling the effect of dizzyness and lighth-headedness.

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