Saturday, 19 March 2011

Final Animation

Tests and Final Scenes

Character Design

This is a character design that the group wanted as a scientist in the animation. This is design of the character and how he should look like. Even how to make it and breaking down of the armature.

Finished Lab!

Clock in the scene.

This is how the clock looks like in the animation when we shot it.
This is how it used to look like with the Western Union writings and some distractions on it.

Making of Clock!

 Here I rremoved the actual paper for the clock and re did it in a simplified form to avoid distraction when viewing the clock in the animation.

 I used a black plasticine to over up the clock as a cover case for it.. i thought plasticine would be better option incase something went wrong it is easier to take plasticine off and fix it and re-use it back on.

Tiles TIles Tiles! and more Tiles

Here is a progress of how the tiles looks like...I used normal paper crunched up and then painted to give texture on the paper. I painted it with the help of my group mate Matt. We painted the papers brown because most floor tiles are wooden and have different colours of brown. I wanted to get that effect on here.

Tiles TIles Tiles!

The above pictures are examples of tiles and floor boards I took at home as an example of the textures and difference in floor tiles and walls tiles.

I was going to do the tiles for the set, so I looked at images of different floor tiles and wall tiles to look at how they might be in a lab. Different patterns and colours and also hpw they will look under dark setting ( Laboratory)

Laboratory Moodboard 2 ( Things to find in it)

 So i looked at details on what a person will find in a laboratory and what to expect.

I went on to do some designs of the machines for our set, i was inspired by the kitchen machines like bread maker, blender, also washing machines and even my xbox Kinect

These are some ideas for the Power Generator that I am going to make (made). I looked at  the structure  of it and also what it might look like from inside and what I can do to make it believable as a Power Generator.

Laboratory Moodboard

I looked at laboratories and what they look like, from school laboratories to actual Labs to give ideas on how the set should look like.

Screen-Play Storyboard