Saturday, 6 April 2013

Research- Inspiration

Journey- Final Cut


This is my final cut edit I did for my short s tory about journey. I did some colour correction . Tested out different colour tones and tint. Then for a cinematic look I added the famous black bars top and bottom for a widescreen look.
Also added some lense flares to add the cinema look and add a bit of class to the look.

Journey- Editing In After Effects

Here i was trying to stretch the time and figure out how much time each shot will use before cutting to another angle and view.

After timing them i would add colour correction using curves and tint effects and then later add some lens flares to give a cinematic look

i did some research about the cinematic look and the aspect ratio and black vars. Then i used the action title safe guide and made custom wide screen look

Then spent more time colour correcting and bringing the vibrance up and highlight some colours like the blues and reds. i reduced the green by a touch to give a cooler feel to it. 

Here this footage i took i did not use a steadycam, i ended up using the camera hand held and shoot this scene while moving really quickly. My hand was shaking and the video looked bad and unstable. i decided to find a way to track and reduce the shaking. i used stabilise motion tracker and track the rotation and   motion. X and Y. 

it resulted in a better footage but problem was because it was too shaky, the would be black bars coming in and out the action frame.which means i had to zoom in a lot to not see them. i startes off a medium shot and ended with close up.

Tutorial- After Effects Camera Stabilisation

Since some of my shots will be hand held, I will be needing to use stabilisation in after effects to keep the movement to a minimum and smooth. Mostly I will be using hand held camera shots when showing close up shots and reaction. I did do a test and the stabilisation was not as good. There was a lot of glitches and for that I will be needing to learn how to stabilise the camera well

Tutorials- tracking in After Effects

Research- Camera effects

Tilt shift is one of the techniques  I wanted to do.Mainly tilt shift is used as time lapse and make  things look miniaturised.I will be filming long periods of time and then add the tilt shift effects in post. As part of the short story I will be doing, at a point in the storyline there will be a time lapse to show time passing. Instead of using a simple fade to show time pass, I thought tilt shift would work great.

In my second year of university, my tutor showed us some after effects techniques videos for inspiration. One of the examples showed was an advert made for ESPN football advert. It was in Tilt shift and it look amazing. Everything looked fake and surreal  Like they were made of plastic and stop motion like effect.