Sunday, 31 October 2010

20 Second Movie

I think it worked out better than I expected, especially with the cut scenes and different angles of camera.
Should have done more line tests before inking.
Should start working on pose to pose animation principle for better accuracy and volume.
More in between frames to make animation smoother (walk cycle especially).
Better lighting &Timing

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Anticipation ( The Animation- Final )

I love the final outcome of this,  I think its as smooth as I wanted it to be. The jump is fine, I think I need to re-do some frames in the hang time area.I originally was suppose to do a smaller hole for the character to jump, but I wanted to change it to make him not jump all the way and get stuck in the hole. Lastly I think I could have slow it down on the hang time area to make it more realistic and show some gravity and weight on the jump.

Anticipation ( more research )

Some more research I did for walk cycle from The Survival Kit book by Richard Williams. These are for some tips on how to space out the walk and the key frame ( person walking). Also this will help me know how to get the key frames and if I need to add any frames in-between for more smooth animation.


I had a friend film me as I act out the scene i wanted to animate for my anticipation project, and also for my 20 second animation since my idea included a jump and walk.


Some poses for my anticipation animation. These are some pictures of my class mates volunteered to pose. I did couple of drawings on my RVJ and took some pictures to look back at if there need to be any changes.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Personal animation ( 20 seconds )

These are some images I took of the Disney's book in the library I went for research. Unfortunately all the Survival Kit books were taken out and I had to find an alternate solution to start with my research. I thought Disney would be a great choice to start my research on drawing simple characters and how they sketch and annotate their work.

Timing and spacing ( Balloon )

In this weekly task ( week 3) I had to do Timing and Spacing in animation, and also use squash and stretch principles too. First thing came on my mind was a balloon going up and someone getting hit by a football on the face..I did some designs on my RVJ of how I wanted it to look. Then I dropped out the football idea simply because I couldn't get the videos for reference close or clear enough to see the reactions. So I have thee balloon idea to work on. I wanted to play with how balloon would act and react.  I looked at videos on youtube and I could not get what I wanted.  I then looked at Disney Pixar's Up dvd that I had which is my favourite Pixar's film. I found a scene which I wanted to look at as a reference and then made some changes to fit into my animation. I could not be able to find the exact video to show on here. Overall I think the animation works good but I need more frames and work on the volume of the balloon and the background too.


This is my exaggeration animation I created on my week 2 task. For this I wanted to use myself and see how I can play around with my facial features and come up with an animation. I started off by drawing myself on the web-cam and then working on the drawing and exaggerate myself into a cartoon character. I then went on to the camera setting and played around with the effects and drew them. I wanted to keep the character simple, I went back to my first animation character I did for the week 1 task and used it then changed some features and exaggerated the character.The first drawing of the final character I did was a `Happy` face and then worked on the `shocked`and `neutral`. I wanted the eyes for neutral to be sleepy and happy to be wide open, and for shocked to increase in size . I am really happy with the outcome, I think it came out smooth. If i had to do it again I would work on the timing and pausing a little more to give the character look like he is thinking and feel more alive.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Team Animation

The above video is a team of 4 people creating a scene. The style of it was inspired by the black cat animation we seen in class. We had planed out and measured where the ground would be and the ball would come, it worked out pretty good except for the recording the animations there was some frames out of place and fingers.

First Animation

My first animation I've done, not very impressed with it but learning how animation works

Monday, 4 October 2010

I went on to add shading to the drawings and this wasted a lot of my time working on my personal animation. This was my let down and then after having a one to one tutorial with my tutor , I decided to keep it simple and this resulted to faster working time as I had the group work to start right after this.
So I ended up doing this design, I made it simple at start. I wanted to do emotions on the face as my animation. I knew it would be a challenge but I had a week to complete this task with some research and drawing.

Design Idea

This was a quick sketch of the character design I wanted to do and some eye shapes and how they would move. I didn't have much time to waste on design and I wanted to start straight away on my first animation.