Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Timing and spacing ( Balloon )

In this weekly task ( week 3) I had to do Timing and Spacing in animation, and also use squash and stretch principles too. First thing came on my mind was a balloon going up and someone getting hit by a football on the face..I did some designs on my RVJ of how I wanted it to look. Then I dropped out the football idea simply because I couldn't get the videos for reference close or clear enough to see the reactions. So I have thee balloon idea to work on. I wanted to play with how balloon would act and react.  I looked at videos on youtube and I could not get what I wanted.  I then looked at Disney Pixar's Up dvd that I had which is my favourite Pixar's film. I found a scene which I wanted to look at as a reference and then made some changes to fit into my animation. I could not be able to find the exact video to show on here. Overall I think the animation works good but I need more frames and work on the volume of the balloon and the background too.

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