Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This is my exaggeration animation I created on my week 2 task. For this I wanted to use myself and see how I can play around with my facial features and come up with an animation. I started off by drawing myself on the web-cam and then working on the drawing and exaggerate myself into a cartoon character. I then went on to the camera setting and played around with the effects and drew them. I wanted to keep the character simple, I went back to my first animation character I did for the week 1 task and used it then changed some features and exaggerated the character.The first drawing of the final character I did was a `Happy` face and then worked on the `shocked`and `neutral`. I wanted the eyes for neutral to be sleepy and happy to be wide open, and for shocked to increase in size . I am really happy with the outcome, I think it came out smooth. If i had to do it again I would work on the timing and pausing a little more to give the character look like he is thinking and feel more alive.

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