Friday, 10 May 2013

Post Production- Masking


The video above was the first test i did for Laura to do post production work for her. It had a lot of problems for me to fix and ended up having a bac outcome. The camera was not in focus in most of the time and blurryness everywhere. Also lighting was huge issue for me when editing it. I could not do anything about it.      

Then i had asked her to re shoot the video again and this time to do it slower pace and lighting to be consistant. also the camera to focus on everything. I thought it would be easier to add blurr and focus in post using after effects and lighting too. change exposure and keyframe them to have similar effect as the first one looking like lighting and thunder and windy blowing the house.

i had similar problems with this as the first video. lighting changes in couple of frames and it affects the masking when video moves to those frames, you can see the harsh lines from masking. i tried playing a round with the opacity and feathering but it made it worse and looking more obvious that it was masked out and that something used to be there.

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