Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Relapse- Title Animation

 i had not thought about title during my filming and stoyboarding. I left this till the end because i wanted to see the final look and the tone shown of the final video and then think of an appropriate title for my short film. 

i did not want to name it something obvious that will tell the audience or gove away what the story is about. But i also wanted a title that is relevant and to have a meaning that when someone sees the video will see the title is perfectly named.

I started asking couple people for title ideas and all seemed to be coming up with similar titles. As i was showing Laura the work i did for her for feedback, i mentioned my short story plotline and asked her for name suggestion. She came up with "Relapse". i thought it was brilliant and not too revealing but same time it is a description of the story. 

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