Thursday, 26 May 2011

Maya - Animation

This is what I ended up with in the final animation. I am not very pleased with it since the animation of the ball was kind of unrealistic at some areas. Also I seemed to be having lighting problems some shots are lighter and some are darker. This seemed to be the rendering problem because on my render view images the lighting seemed to be just fine. Also I think using too many cameras affected the lighting and caused this effect. I did not have time to fix this problem because my maya software kept crashing on me every time and I could not go to to university to fix this because I was sick. What I was going for here in my animation was that the room was quite dark and the lights were dimmed and some light came from the computer screen..

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Video Reference- Ball

For the bouncing ball in the room hitting books and computer screen, I looked at some references of bouncing ball and how fast they do and angles they move when bouncing at different angles. Also how fast and how the gravity and weight and size  affects them.

The second video shows difference of which the ball is affected when you add size and weight to it.

Maya - Lighting

Here on this screen shot below I was trying to achieve a certain mood light. I wanted to play around with different types of lightings of the day and night. From dusk to dawn and how it looks like and the colours.

Here are more examples of playing around with different lights available on Maya and how I could use them in my scenes.

I looked at many images and videos and films and how they capture scenes throughout the day and the colours too. I found alot of them had 'orange' and 'yellows' during the day and 'blues' and 'purples' night times. So in order to capture these realistic images, I used spotlights and changed the intensity to fit/match the time of the day and the colours too.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Maya - Mental Ray

Here I was trying to achieve the darker tone in the room. It is meant to be the other side of the room where ther is no window for light to hit through, so I figured the other side where no light can reach wil be darker 

These two rendered images ( top and bottom) I used spotlight for them to get the light going through the glass window look. I dont like the roundness of the light because it doesn't look organic and realistic. It looks like an average spotlight which I was not trying to achieve.

WHat I love about these images of the wardrobe are the shadows and the reflections on the glass on them. I think Mental Ray lighting is much better and far realistic than without it. In the other images ( older screen shots without mental ray) you could see reflection but it wasn't as smooth and soft as using mental ray.

Maya - GoBo

GoBo is a lighting technique showed by the teacher used to show certain shadows of your specific. Like a light hitting the window and the shadows are the outcome (GoBo)

The reason I chose tree for this GoBo is because earlier on my designs I had an outside view which was a park with trees and buildings far behind. So I wanted to  show sunlight coming through the room and a little bit of tree branches shadows in the room to show the environment of which the place is in.

I got the first image from the internet and it did not work so well, I then used photoshop to convert the white areas to black so only the white part would be reflected on the light to the room

Maya - Texture/ Colour Map





Computer Screen

Wall Painting

Outside View

Maya - Modelling

Glass Window and Reflection

Room Lights

Here is example of the light on and off. The top one shows glow which I added Glow intensity on the special effects tab under the colour map

Maya - Research