Thursday, 19 May 2011

Maya - Set Modelling

To start modelling I had to get the feel of the atmosphere and the scale of the room. I started doing different designs of the room and how to construct the size and separate the walls and floor so when I animate I can be able to get the camera angles that I want.

In the end, I decided to do one block out of a polygon cube and then hollowed it in the middle to give me space for bed and other things.

For colours in the room, I wanted to keep it simple and not too bright or too dark colours. So i ended up using the colour in my room for this room.

For the bed cover I struggled to do it at first because I did not know what polygon tool to use or knew about the vertex for pulling and stretching. In the end I decided plane polygon would be best for the covers and a classmate showed me how to use the vertex and getting the shape i wanted.

Keyboard was simple, Used the cube polygon and cylinder for the other end of the keyboard. For the keys I used extrude tool by selecting the faces first

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