Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Filming Tips/Background Replacement

If you can extend out to a wide shot to establish your world, it would definitely be way more convincing and will add a lot of production value

Difference in using some wide angle shot to the video than using just close up shot, it will work and tell your story but the wide angle makes the story more relevant to the audience and familiarize with the environment, which will get the audience invested a lot more.

When talking about filming and setting up his effect shots and position, he talks about how having your focal point (where audience should be looking) whole in shot without effect to be added later makes it simpler

Always turns out better than green screening since most of your actors body if not all is actually against the background your wanting to put them in, so the attention to your audience is on them (actor) and not the places that you’re adjusting. So any strings that your showing usually gets overlooked

what this implies is that sometimes small effects add more to the story and action in the background even though you want the audience to focus on something else. The audience’s mind picks up these small details whilst focusing on something else. Even though the changes might be small, its still makes the scene more convincing.

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