Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Falling ( green screen )

I downloaded a green screen footage online to practice my green screen keying out and background replacements. I found this great video which was used as a promo for some website. The whole concept was about a guy over-hearing another talking about his problems with a website server during a sky diving session.

First I did was key out the green properly using key-light effect and then add in the sky background to make it look believable and actually skydiving 

I added curves effect and Tint to come up with a believable colour tone that matches both the actors and the background. also I added wiggle for both the actor footage and the background both being different movements, to create camera shake and movement which sells the video of the guys falling.

Lastly I added an adjustment layer of which I added a lens flare and light to the bottom right to give the source of light. Overall I was satisfied with the outcome as I got to learn a lot about editing and staging it to sell the story.

One of my weekly tutorial I had with my group they suggested I looked at Video CoPilot for tutorials on green screen. I had already learnt how to keyout green but in this website I learnt about feathering out the spill of green and to remove all green from the shot throught alpha channel and increasing the whites and  the blacks to be solid, in this case the white is green and black is the rest of footage.

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