Monday, 19 March 2012

Italian Month- Tests and Screenshots

The screenshot below I was making a path/road for the vespa to drive on it as the voice over talks about the CBT training. I did not want to show a certificate for CBT as I have seen some class mates do it. I wanted visually to show it. I was still testing this out to see if it will work or not.

The videos below are tests videos rendered out, its not dully done yet. I wanted to see if I go it timed right and also looked right. I showed some family members to give me feedback and was pretty positive.

The negative feedback I got was that it looked quite plain around it, so I added some snowy effect and other effects on it to make it look interesting and busy. I added Lens flares to it too to make it interesting.

I went to university next day to show the progress to my tutor for feedback and unfortunately it wasn't good at all. He did not like it and felt it was too much of effects and presets added onto the animation.He said it did not feel italian and It needed to look appropriate to the theme rather than jus visually flooded with effects.

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