Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Digbeth- Places and Test (after effects and Photoshop)

I wanted to use after effects to try out an alternative option if the maya animation don't turn out the way we wanted or something gone wrong. I used the images I drew and my group mates and edited them on photoshop to take the white off and any other unwanted lines.

Then I had to use the settings for my video will be, and fit in the images in the TV BOX settings ( this is for when playing on different TV or screens some images might get cut off due to the video ratio.

 On after effects I used 3D layouts ( turned the images int o 3D) which gives me option to play with the camera movement just like on Maya. I found this worked pretty well and easy to use. The problem was to add different transitions which is the opening and closing of book and pages, This is my first time playing with the software on my own after the workshop I attended.

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