Thursday, 3 February 2011

Week 2 Group Animation (storyboard)

I changed my group I was previous week task. For our new animation we looked at videos on youtube and also came up with our own ideas of what we should do. We lastly came across this video above of stop motion animation about eBay. It is an interactive animation which we all liked.

After deciding to do similar thing, we wrote down some quick notes and story-board of our animation. We wanted to be interactive as the eBay video. We chose to do a computer screen and someone checking email.

This is edited and refined story-board 


We had to keep in mind about the animation principles in this stop motion. I think the principles work the same way as the 2D animation. Had to time(timing) everything ( anticipation), staging also to make the viewers look certain position and important area to keep an eye on. Also exaggerations which will be the folding and physically moving words and pictures. Animating this will be Straight- Ahead Action because we can't do the keyframes and add stuff in-between like 2D animating. Overlapping action  will be using this principle.

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