Sunday, 17 February 2013

Visual Effects Inspiration - Limitless Effects

I really enjoyed Limitless and the visuals it had. I wanted to do something similar for my short film. First of all i love the visual, by visual i mean the colours and the vibrance used. The storytelling through out the film is quite impressive. I love the transitions and it is the reason why i wanted to try them and use them for my short film. I didn't even have a storyboard but i knew i would want to do something like limitless visual effects.

I love this scene when we see words falling down and that his thinking mode has kicked in. Instead of us showing what he is writing on his  laptop, they use words falling down from the ceiling .

in this scene is used to show transition and time passing and also showing the character going through a rough dirty poor guy to a handsome smart and successful.

The scene below was a fish eye lens/ 360 degree view showing his senses working all around and his brain opening up to full capacity. I think this was used to show his senses working as eyes too. He can see back of his head too. To show he knows everything that is going on around him.

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