Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Caslon- Tests

Caslon- Tutorial

For the Caslon Project I came across a website that had a tutorial about how to ‘Map Your Destination in AE’. It was the closest style and effect I was aiming for in the scene I was working. I took elements from it that I wanted and added my own style to what I had on my storyboard.

Caslon- After Effects

Caslon- RVJ Sketches

Caslon- Research/Texture and Inspiration

Caslon Project- Ships Research

Composition- 3D Model

Earlier when I sat down with the L6 to break the story down to scenes and camera angles, I suggested the first scene which was the opening scene showing a lamp post flickering to be modeled in 3D which will bring out nicer depth to the animation when the camera moves across. 

I ended up adding a camera with the help of group mate Memoona, who did the model of the lamp post, added the movement of the camera and rendered it as photo sequence and then imported into After Effects as a sequence which put all the image sequence into a video format.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Compositing- Research and Inspiration

After getting to know the story and the style of it, I looked up some animations and videos that was similar in style in terms of colour or even animation. This helped me keep in mind about little small details in camera like focus and blur, and how these small things can change the look on the animation and add depth of field to create the third dimension to the scene to make it more dramatic. 

Since we were working with layers, It was going to be easier to add depth of field by moving the layers at a distance and camera tricks ( tracking, panning..)

Compositing- Effects