Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Specialist Study- Compositing

The specialist study I am thinking of doing is Post Production, Editing and Special Effects with animation or film. I think learning After Effects got me realize how much I enjoy editing and compositing, when I did the business for advertising project with the illustrators I loved the process of editing and compositing and making effects, colour corrections and make the video look better than original. We had live action opening and ending in our advertisement project and I helped out with filming along with a group mate who was a photography student. I got more into after effects and wanted to learn more of the software and how I can use it in my work.

For Professional Practice (Employability), will have to learn a lot of skills in order to get the client or company exactly what they want to achieve in their work, which means not only my skills are needed to be great, but learn how to be on schedule and problem solving.
What my clients will be looking for when I work for them is the final outcome, and my job is to make sure I achieve it, and if I cant then I will have to find a way to find out. Learning the program is a huge issue, every company uses different program to another, which means I have to be quick to manage my time in learning the program and also use it in my work and meet the deadline set.

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