Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Case Study- Skybet- What If?

Sports are probably one of the most watched programs on TV. So why not try get attention of people while they are waiting for the match to start or resume? That is exactly what advertisements are for; beginning or end, even in between shows is perfect for promoting your stuff.

Whilst watching a football game, during half time I have to see an advert about Sky Bet. Every year they do an advert for it. What really got my attention is how dramatised it is. Its main plot is about chances and instincts. “What if?” is the word used a lot in it.

It got quite cinematic feel it and got everything from CGI to some appealing effects and camera work.

The above screenshot says a lot visually. It has drama and thrills. First, the Lighting is set to spot light onto the main person to show a feeling of pressure (point of interest) towards main character in the scene. Feeling of being trapped. Second are the masked men behind him, that I believe it represents some sort of exaggeration. I believe the masked men represent his superior, very big smiles and big heads showing superiority, wealth, and power. The masked men are not very well lit, you can see them, but in the end, it is not about them even though they got power. In football, mainly fingers are pointed towards managers rather than the players or even the owners/ board members. That is why you got the characters in the foregrounds, which are the reporter putting pressure on the manager.

We sports viewer we see things as presented to us through some sorts of news media, whether it is newspapers or on web, even on our smartphones. I am certain this image is some first person perspective even though it does not look like it; it portrays what the manager’s feelings are now. This image makes it more interesting, gives it a thrilling look and dram

     One of the scenes of the advert, there is this interesting visual, looks almost like an old painting of Roman rivalry and hatred. Which represents old rivals in football (old foes), for example Manchester United and Manchester City are considered big rivals, reason because they are derby team. Teams that are in same city are always going to be an entertainment to watch. Usually you get a lot of drama, fighting and players would do anything to prove they are worthy and the only team in the city. The lightning in the background showing thrills and drama (lightning used a lot as some sort of warning as to heavy rain coming, in this case big drama happening or unfolding) this rivalry always has been there in different periods of the centuries. Even in nature, in the animal kingdom we see lions and other animals defending their territories and would do anything to earn it. 
Blue and red colour used to separate and show two sides. The colour Blue and Red are the most common colours, they’ve been used a lot for comparison stuff in our homes. Water taps, boilers (red for hot and blue for cold). These colours also used to represent other meaning “red symbolizes power and authority, or that blue stands for safety and modernity”
This advertisement is a metaphor for ‘Chance’ and how anything can happen in football or any sports. “Impossible is nothing” Is used a lot in sports simply because it is not about scale, if something is big or valued a lot cannot be matched against smaller. Mainly we think the stronger the more chances of winning.

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