Thursday, 25 November 2010

Top Cat

Top Cat (Early 1960s) 
The central character, Top Cat called T.C. by close friends is the leader of a gang of New York City alley cats. He is charming, funny and likes to use the local policeman’s phone despite being warned not to. There are six of them including Top Cat. The others are Fancy-Fancy (He is brown cat, laid-back, sweet-talking and is regularly seen chatting up the ladies before leaving them when hearing the 'dustbin lid call), Spook (rarely speaks when he does a torrent of "like"'s are used, olive green coloured), Choo Choo ( pink coloured, second tallest in the gang and shy when it comes to girls), Benny the Ball (He is short, innocent, chubby, naive, and cute, a blue-coloured cat. Benny may appear to be simple-minded, but he manages to ask the most logical questions during the gang's master plans. He is slow, not stupid), The Brain ( the name is a sarcasm as he is the opposite of the brain, he is notorious for being unable to keep a secret, he also seems to be in charge of the group's money (which they rarely have). Despite his apparent stupidity, he can sometimes say something brilliant, which Top Cat instantly rephrases to make it sound like he said it). . A frequent plot-line revolved around the local policeman, Officer Charles "Charlie" Dibble, and his ineffective attempts to evict the gang from the alley. The only reason that he wanted to be rid of them was that Top Cat and his gang were constantly attempting to earn quick money usually through an illegal scam. After watching couple of episodes I noticed mainly repetitions in the episodes and the animation design is similar to The Flintstones, I love the voice work of Top Cat, Brains and Choo Choo. As for Benny he is sometimes funny but I find him to be annoying at times. Top Cat and his gang were inspired by characters from the popular situation comedy You’ll Never Get Rich (later called The Phil Silvers Show). Maurice Gosfield, who played Private Duane Doberman on The Phil Silvers Show, also provided the voice for Benny the Ball in Top Cat (Benny's rotund appearance was based on Gosfield too). Even Arnold Stang's voicing of Top Cat strongly resembled Phil Silvers' voice.

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