Monday, 30 April 2012

Infographics- Research Car Vs Human

In order to get to use the information provided on the Infographic, I had to learn more about how different or similar Car and Human are. 

I saw a lot of websites online about each topic and These two below I found were the best one with really great information. I learnt a lot from this, most of it I would not even use in my work.

 Even though all the main information about my animation is provided on the poster, I thought it would be better to get to know properly how we Humans work and Cars. I have to say It was very educational and I wouldn't have known a lot of the stuff if I ended up choosing another Infographic.

Infographics- Research

Some Inspiration I found from the new Microsoft Operating system Windows 8, I love how the use the metro style icons and layouts. It has that simplistic form and look to it, The colours works really well, background colour is simple textured and bring out the main information to the centre of the screen so the viewer doesn't get distracted.

infographics- Research

i looked at some examples of Infographics online to get inspiration from, and some ideas too.  I found these amazing work that relate to what I am aiming for and colour wise. 

I love the Metro style design which is what I was going for. Flat images and using simple primary colours and mixing up.

infographics- Burning Fuel ( Car vs Human )