Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hydration- Cloud Test

Added Texture on the clouds and background

(without colour correction)

(with colour correction and vignette effect)

Hydration- Workshop ( Adobe Flash )

(Coding for Button and Motion Tweening)

(Walk Cycle)

Short Animated Test Scene (drawings by Keanu)

Hydration- Design Ideas

I did some quick concept Ideas of some of the scenes and the camera angles to use for the animation, We then transfered this concept to photoshop to refine it and into After Effect to animate

(Keanu concept below)

These are to show some concept ideas and how they came out looking on the final design

Monday, 12 December 2011

Hydration- Cloud Test

This is testing out the animation and how it will look. I used after effects to animate, and the layers and backgrounds were done on photoshop with the help of my group mate Keanu.

Some screenshots of myself animating and playing around with effects and technical stuff on After Effects that I learnt from tutorials and also some tips from my group-mate who is far better than me on After Effects

Hydration- Storyboard (rough)

While working on our animation scenes, we needed a storyboard to look at for guidance. We did not have the new storyboard. So I came up with a quick storyboard for us to work on for the time, m group mate Keanu also was working on better storyboard.

This storyboard above was the first one we had drawn by Keanu which later got changed a lot of the scenes and some scenes. You can see the difference and how much the story changed (for better hopefully)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hydration- Research/ Design

The banner above was from youtube advertisement I came across it while searching for videos. The layout and the texture-facric visual style to it is how we wanted to do our animation. I thought this would be great to use as a reference and inspiration to see how they used the animation and how we can improve and use it for our own animation.

The picture above was from Metro Newspaper from a bus I saw when on my way to university in morning. 

Hydration- Storyboard Idea

The above drawings are some storyboard idea of the advertising project based on Hydration. Me and my class mate ( animator) Keanu Jones were thinking of ideas and how we can approach doing the 30seconds advert. I went for more underdog story of a boy being bullied, and he came up with his own ideas of a superhero.

The picture above is of the drawings of camera shots and where the cameras I thought would work. I did not get to finish it since we changed the storyline, and thought I would focus on the new one.

Hydration- Research Advertisement

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Digbeth- Test (After Effets)

Digbeth- Research Rotoscoping

I looked at Rotoscoping tutorials as an idea for the project..we have a lot of pictures and videos taken of Digbeth, and we was thinking of rotoscoping for our animation as one of the options before we went for the pop-up book idea.
I think the making of the movie A Scanner Darkly shows behind the scenes of how it is made and some challenges the film makers and animators faced.



Digbeth- Research/Tutorials (after effects)

Digbeth- Inspirations

We was Inspired by the intro séquence/ Title of this animation called 'Le Petit Nicholas' by Kuntzel and Deygas. The duo live and work in Paris, from where they operate their innovative design studio which now encompasses award-winning and globally-recognised works in illustration, animation and product design, including the ubiquitous Caperino and peperone characters, which became the mascots of Parsian hipster mecca colette

Digbeth- Final Edited Interview

Further Edited interviews from the ones we had before,this was to edit the views we wanted and didn't and to fit it all under 3minutes 

Digbeth- Maya

Playing around with shapes of buildings to form a cityscape in maya for our animation. This was a test to get the cityscape in maya as a background for the main building e.g vintage shop, car garage..

This was a test my other group mates (jacky and Andy) were also doing and experimenting on other techniques.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Digbeth- Storyboard/ Animatic

Digbeth- ScreenPlay & Animatic

We had to come up with a script as a task from a brief info. then we took the info and wrote a screenplay. Those screenplays were then given to another group to work on the animatic and storyboarding and we were given another group's screenplay, which is why the animatic is different from the screenplay.