Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cinematography Research



                 RUBY SPARKS- Matthew Libatique

In the movie ruby Sparks, the main character is a wrier and he has to come up with a story quickly. Everytime he passes out or sleeping he always dreams about the same dream and a girl but he cant see her, she is always blurred out. Every time he dreams he gets closer to seeing her face and he ends up waking up due to his alarm set off or something woke him up.

I love how vibrant the colours are during his dreamy sequences and shows a happy thought and memory. I wanted something like this for the flashback sequence. 

I have a similar scene like this i shot outside in the park,  and for my flashback i will make this scene more colourful and add a glow to it to give it a dreamy feel.

                          PROMETHEUS- Dariusz Wolski

I love prometheus cinematography, it is very clean but the colours are  beautiful. throughout the movie the cinematography look is like the matrix, it has a green tint to it. And for this I was thinking to use it for my short film

the matrix has a green look to it, most outdoor scenes have more greens and blues and less warm colours. I did something similar to this in the first test i did with my classmate andy as the main character.

                THE SOCIAL NETWORK- Jeff Cronenweth
The Social network is similar to matrix, but this is more of a David Fincher look to all of his films. He always have the same cinematography and this is one of the things that makes his a memorable auteur.

SHAME- Sean Bobbitt

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