Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Digbeth- Places and Test (after effects and Photoshop)

I wanted to use after effects to try out an alternative option if the maya animation don't turn out the way we wanted or something gone wrong. I used the images I drew and my group mates and edited them on photoshop to take the white off and any other unwanted lines.

Then I had to use the settings for my video will be, and fit in the images in the TV BOX settings ( this is for when playing on different TV or screens some images might get cut off due to the video ratio.

 On after effects I used 3D layouts ( turned the images int o 3D) which gives me option to play with the camera movement just like on Maya. I found this worked pretty well and easy to use. The problem was to add different transitions which is the opening and closing of book and pages, This is my first time playing with the software on my own after the workshop I attended.

Digbeth- Places

Place you are most likely going to see in Digbeth

The Custard Factory in Digbeth is the main attraction of the plae. It has many shops around and many art Exhibitions which you can rent out to display your work.

At night you get teenagers coming to party and socialise. It is a great atmosphere around digbeth both times of the day ( day and night)

Digbeth- Places and Characters

We visited Digbeth and interviewed the locals around there. We got around 5 different locals who work and have been going to Digbeth alot. These included A Car Mechanic, Vintage Shop Assistant, Restaurant Owner, Jewellery Shop owner and a Music Shop Owner around Digbeth and Custard Factory where most of these shops are.

We are going to design the places and characters where our animation will take place. The idea is to have every person we interviewed have their own pop up page which we get to hear their views of the place and what it is heading in future.

So for my part is to design the car mechanic and his shop which will be on the animation. Every member in our group is doing different scene/ page. We decided this would be good because we want to achieve different drawing style and feel and to make every page different to the other one.

Digbeth- Research (pop-up book)

We decided to go for a 3D Maya pop-up book style. We looked up some pop-up books and how we can use this to our project and what we want to show.

These are some examples we looked on youtube of what others did and taking ideas and improving them in our project

Digbeth- Research

                                           Photo taken from the Selfridges bridge to car park

Digbeth- Research

For the animation style I was thinking about which approach to go with the project. I looked at different styles and picked up some ideas/ inspirations from television adverts, magazines and on the web.

The video above I saw from the Cineworld Cinemas on Broad Street when I was watching a movie. I really love the style of 3D and colours. In my opinion I think it was made using After Effects software. Some images and characters looks to have been rotoscoped.

This one above was from a TV advert I saw at home during half time of football over the weekend.

This one is what I was going for for our animation, our idea was to discover ways of getting to Digbeth and meeting locals along the way,this is a perfect example of showing how to do it.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Digbeth- Research

So for my research I looked on the web map of how much space digbeth covers in Birmingham. This was to give me ideas on where to start and to know which are the main focal areas in Digbeth.

Digbeth Project

My second year at University project was to collaborate with other courses, in this case we has to work with the Landscape Architectures to this new project.

The project was about the local area of Digbeth located jus off the city centre of Birmingham, UK. We had to do a 3minutes story/animation/documentary about our interpretation of the place.

We started with the basic where we just did some mind mapping of what is there and buildings and just secondary research on the web to give us an idea of where it starts on the map and ends.

What you can find in digbeth are canals, factories, restaurants, social places like indoor skate park and other businesses (art galleries e.t.c)